OREGON QUILT PROJECT VISITS!    The Eastern Oregon Museum was proud to host the Oregon Quilt project on April 27th and 28th. More than 88 local quilts and their histories were documented. That information is now available for future generations to enjoy!

The Eastern Oregon Museum, The Oregon Historical Society, and Wells Fargo teamed up to bring President Teddy Roosevelt to the visit with members of the Haines community.    In the words of everyone who attended:  "Amazing!" 

The 2016 Exhibit gave museum visitors a breath-taking look at gorgeous vintage and antique wedding gowns. A number of those gowns remain on display at the museum, today.    Come take a look!

             2017 Summer Exhibit:           Women Behind the Quilts

More than 75 people attended the summer quilt show's opening on June 17th. Family and friends enjoyed seeing their loved one's incredible hand-stitched works of art.